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As your premier home care agency in Knoxville, TN, Comfort Keepers now offers the SafetyChoice® PERS or personal emergency response system

At Comfort Keepers, your premier home care agency in Knoxville, TN we know that our responsibility to your elderly loved ones' safety doesn't stop when your caregiver goes home for the day. While our caregiver is in your loved ones' home, they are available to call for an ambulance should they fall or become ill. At the same time, they are also there to talk to your loved ones and help to stabilize them until help can arrive.

This is all well and good, but what happens after the caregiver goes home for the day? Suppose one of your elderly parents is home alone, falls, and has no way to reach a phone? With the average home care agency, your loved ones would be on their own. This is where the SafetyChoice® PERS or Personal Emergency Response System comes. Each of your parents is given a medical alert bracelet or necklace. Then a monitoring station is installed in a centralized location and connected to the phone line.

Our home care agency has PERS in Knoxville, TNHow the PERS System Works 

In the event something like a fall should happen, your parent can summon help by pressing the button on their bracelet or necklace. Doing so activates the base station, which is a two-way communication system. It is connected directly the SafetyChoice® Centralized Monitoring Station. Your loved one will be able to talk to the agent, who can ask about their needs and then contact the appropriate agency or person on their contact list.

Our home care agency has a team that is professionally trained to handle a wide range of emergency situations and are hand-picked for their ability to remain calm and help people remain calm until help can arrive. Experts agree that getting help to the scene within the "Golden Hour" can make a huge difference is a successful recovery.

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If you are interested in learning more about the SafetyChoice® PERS system and the many elderly care services we have to offer, please contact us online or by calling (865) 214-6787.


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