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Senior Home Health Care in Clinton, TN

Professional senior home health care for when seniors come home from the hospital from Comfort Keepers in Clinton, TN

Coming home from the hospital does not mean that the need for professional care for seniors has ended. Seniors, in particular, often need extra help continuing their recovery from surgery, accident, or illness at home. While well-meaning families may intend to provide that help, they must first ask the question whether they possess the knowledge or the time to offer that type of help. Seniors that are frail may need help with mobility, personal hygiene, have medical needs, and more. While these tasks may not necessarily be outside the scope of a family member, a number of questions must be asked before deciding whether or not professional senior home health care may not be a better option when transitioning a senior member of the family home.

Senior home health care services to help you recover in Clinton, TNWhat is Transitioning Care?

If you are not certain what type of care a senior home health care service can provide, your first step may be to speak to Comfort Keepers in Clinton, TN. The information you gain from taking this step, can be invaluable. We can offer information about the type of care your loved one may need, which you can then use to decide whether or not you will need help with their care. Professional transitioning care includes mobility help for seniors who may continue to be weak and sore after surgery or illness. If your loved one has an injury, mobility may be a particular problem. The concern here is not just for the senior, our caregivers have been specially trained in lifting and moving seniors to ensure not only their safety but to safeguard themselves from injury as well.

There are several other things you must also consider when caring for a senior fresh home from the hospital. These include ensuring they get all their medications, that any medical needs such as dressings or monitoring vitals get taken care of, and that special diets they may have come home with are adhered to. Personal hygiene may also be an issue, your senior may need help with toileting, showers, and the basics of personal hygiene such as brushing teeth and combing hair. Professional senior home health care can be invaluable in several ways, including showing you how to care for your loved one, sharing the work, or being there when you cannot.

Let Comfort Keepers Help You With Senior Home Health Care

Transitioning can be a lot of work, especially if you have family or a job to attend to as well. Comfort Keepers on Clinton, TN can help ease the burden by offering senior home health care and support to you. If you would like to know more about how our professional transitioning care can help contact us at (865) 214-6787 for more information. We can offer you information on the phone or schedule you for a free in home consultation where we can show you how we can make the job of transitioning go smoothly. 

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