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Comfort Keepers can help your senior stay safe with our home care in Louisville, TN

One of the biggest considerations when thinking about home care is the ability to make sure that your loved one stays safe. As your loved one ages, the risks of accidents increase dramatically. Seniors can also be at risk because of their inability to do certain things such as driving, or basic chores such as making meals or doing laundry. When the basic tasks of daily living start to put your loved one at risk it is time to consider the possibility that it may be time for in home care. Comfort Keepers in Louisville, TN can help you make sure that all of your loved one’s needs are met, and that their risk of accidents is greatly reduced.

Driving and Reduced Eyesight and Reflexes

Senior care experts that work directly in your home in Louisville, TNNo one wants to lose that ultimate source of independence that driving offers. Over time, however, your loved one’s eyesight may start to fade or their reflexes may not be as good as they use to be. Perhaps your loved one has already had an accident? Some seniors know it is time to give up the keys and will already avoid driving especially under certain circumstances such as at night or in the rain.

The problem that arises with that moment when your loved ones can no longer provide their own transportation, is that they may no longer be able to meet their core needs for food, medications, doctor visits, and socialization. home care can help to fill that gap before the loss of this freedom puts your loved one at risk. Comfort Keepers caregivers can do errands for your loved one, take them to their appointments, and take them shopping to ensure they have access to proper medical care and nutrition.

Mobility Issues

Another concern is making sure that your loved one’s home is safe when they begin to have mobility issues that can put your senior at risk of having an accident. Simple things you might not think about, like bending over or getting on a step stool to reach things and having a fall or trying to take a heavy basket of laundry up two flights of stairs. Bathrooms can be significant obstacles for aging seniors as well.

Comfort Keepers can help both by helping you find the safety hazards in your loved one’s home and by helping your senior in ways that will help them avoid accidents. Learning to store food items at face level for instance where they are easy to reach and using handholds and stools in the shower to reduce the risk of an accident. Inspections of your loved one’s home for safety hazards is an important part of our home care services.


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If your loved one needs help it might be time to talk to them about senior care. If you would like to invite one of our expert senior advisors into your loved one’s home to help start the conversation contact us at (865) 214-6787. We can schedule you and your senior with a free in-home consultation where we can begin the process of assessing your loved one and their home.

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