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Let a team member from one of our at home care agencies assist your loved one at home

There is little more amazing than watching an adult child care for their elderly parents when they are no longer able to do everything themselves. The love and commitment is evident in everything they do, and the relationships only blossoms more with this final transition of your parent’s lifetime. But for all the more that the experience is one that can be cherished and remembered forever, caring for your parents is can be incredibly stressful and draining. What may have started as a deep commitment to your loved one, begins to feel like a marathon you are not sure you can finish. When you feel like you could use a helping hand or a break, our at home care agencies can be there for you.  Respite care is more than just an interim care service, it can also be the helping hand you need to give your parent the deep love and respect you know they deserve.

Take the Break Everyone Needs

At home care agencies assist through respite servicesAs much as you may be young and feel invincible chances are good that you are not, and eventually caring for your loved one is going to wear you down. That is not to say anything negative about the time that you commit to their care, but like anything else you do in your life you need time to restore yourself. If you try to do too much without getting any rest, the long hours and hard work can start to wear you down. Are you truly at your best caring for your loved one when all you really need is a full night’s sleep or a few minutes to read or relax? Respite care offers the ability to rest and regain your strength. Not only does it help you feel better, but it will make you a better caregiver as well.

With Our At Home Care Agencies You Never Have to Choose

If life gets too chaotic caring for a loved one, you might have to feel like you are forced to choose between your aging parent and the rest of your family. Over time your family could be getting less and less, and if you work, it could be affecting your work performance. Somewhere along the way something has to give, and while you only have these moments with your loved one, the same can be said to be true with other people in your life especially young children. You should never have to choose between responsibilities, and with respite care you do not. Comfort Keepers of Knoxville, TN can send caregivers to your home, that can give your senior the same love and care that you provide, freeing you up to create some balance in your life. You can have both thanks to the dedicated caregivers of Comfort Keepers.

Respite Care Features Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

 Whether you need a few hours, a day, or need to go out of town and need a caregiver for the entire time, we can provide the coverage you need. We offer flexible, customizable plans designed specifically to meet your needs.  Caregivers from our at home care agencies can spend time sitting with your loved one offering them companionship, or they can take some of the heavy work of hygiene, housekeeping, and meals off your shoulders.

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Contact us at (865) 214-6787.  Our home care agencies are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you decide what type of at home care you need, and send out a senior advisor to complete a customized plan during one of our free in-home consultations. 

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